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Default Re: The school system is no longer about learning

No doubt, and it really irritates me. I value a good education. I have stressed it in all of my children. All but one seems to love school, as a result. Unfortunately, though, without some force in the background, such as a parent, pushing good education and being a strong part in that part of a child's life, I do not forsee many children having a good opinion of school. They won't want to learn. All they will want to do is what many parents seem to push their children towards nowadays, which is television and video games. These are easy babysitters. Their children stay out of their way, if they have these available for their children. *shakes head* I guess I'm just a bit old-fashioned. I have always felt the best way to instill good practices in a child is by example. My boys know the routine with me. Come home from school and do schoolwork. If they have any questions, they know I will be more than willing to help them with their schoolwork. When they are done, I verify it. Then, they must go outside for at least an hour to play. I do not agree with video games, computers, or television as being a main part of a child's life. My boys know video games and computers (except for work that must be done on a computer for school) are weekend events, and definitely are not all-day events. Television, they can watch daily, but I make damn sure what they watch are programs of which I have approved for them to watch. I'm very much a part of what my children do. How else will we really know how they're doing in school, if we don't take an active role in their learning? As we already discussed, teachers are starting to become lazy and that will trickle down to our children, if we do not keep them going ourselves. This nation's attitude of "We are the almighty U.S. of A." is going to bite us all in the ass here soon. It's like many in society believe because we are Americans we don't need to do what most people should do in their lives...learn, work, pay bills, etc. *sighs*

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
Yeah i hear you vera

It seems like doing things the easy way rather than the right way is now deep seeded in many government bodies. Not just the Education system.
Once again quantity beats quality, but this will ultimately have a knock on effect in the future when people cant even be bothered to teach any more because of experiences they had at school.

Lets just call it another loose thread in the fabric of society. All will be unraveled in the end.
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