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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

This is one of the problems we have nowadays. Religions want to bash each other. I detest religion. I do not believe in religion. What I do believe in is faith. I believe we all have our own faiths and beliefs, in whatever form they may take for each of us. I detest hearing somebody tell somebody else they'll burn in hell because of how they are acting. How do they know? Because the Bible, or whatever else, told them so? Well, it's been proven time and time again anybody can pull something out of the Bible to prove whatever point they want to prove...good or bad. Am I bashing the Bible? Not even close. I believe what is in the Bible, but I also believe what I do with my life is to be between God and myself. Nobody else is privy to that information, nor should they be. If a person wants to have sex with donkeys for the rest of their lives, I'm not going to preach and scream at that person. As I had stated in another thread, you get more with honey than you do with fire and brimstone. Leading by example, being a friend when one is needed, and offering help when asked are all good ways to get your point across without making the person feel like you are attacking and judging. Judgement is the venue of one being only...and that being damn well isn't me.

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
So your sticking to the whole raised by satanist story huh.

If you were then you would have witnessed what a crazy, belief in religeouse ideology can do to people. You may have turned to jesus but your just shifting ideology. Now your beliefs make you crazy in a different way. A way wich allows no possibility for anything other than that which was written in a book thousands of years ago.

If god and jesus are who people they're claimed to be. Why would they want us to live within the chains of religeon. Did god create us just he could then dictate what we should do? Would'nt he want you to be free like the birds' bees, plants etc?

Its like holding people to ransom. Act this way otherwise you wont get in to heaven. Yet you wont know if you've made it untill your dead. How convienient.

As ive said in a previouse post. You believe and thats just fine with me. But the fact that i dont does'nt make me a heathen. Its another case of religeon bringing some people together whilst casting everyone else in to the cold. Its the same for all "devices of control"... I mean religeons

If you did have the upbringing you claim then im sorry for you, but you need to move on and stop this one man crusade against any one who refuses to live there one life on this planet within the constraints of a thousands of years old book.

People may have been stupid enough to believe all this back then but i like to think the human race has moved forward since then.
You were born equal to me and your still equal to me now so get down off your horse cowboy and start enjoying this wonderfull moment in time we all share.
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