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Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Trust me, I'm far from an expert on the subject myself, but anything dealing with the brain is akin to string theory: no one person on the planet can possibly be an expert on all of it. There is a bit of savant quality with some autistic children, but it generally manifests in the kids in the higher end of the spectrum than my daughter.
We do know a couple of things about Autism, even if we do not know the exact cause. It is definately not caused by vaccines or Thimerisol. Autism rates have not in fact been increasing, but the definition has been expanded in recent years and the increased number is largely an artifact of this broadening of definition. It looks like it is most likely a genetic disorder, but studies are still ongoing. And no BlueAngel, that is not my opinion, but fact.
It has not been proven as a FACT that AUTISM is not caused by vaccines or Thimerisol.

Therefore, this is your opinion and, again, your opinion is not FACT.

There are plenty of people, celebrities and not, who are the parent's of autistic children and not who would disagree with you.

The cause of autism has not been proven or dis-proven to be the result of vaccinations.

In that regard, you cannot state that "WE" know for a fact that autism is not caused by vaccinations or Thimerosal.

Who is the "WE" to whom you refer as knowing for a fact that autism is not caused by vaccinations?

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