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Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
It could be that it actually presents all the time, but that you only notice it in a quieter environment, such as at home. Seems far more likely than some directed noise beam whose physics we cant account for.
Do all of us a favor, Eire, and stop trying to present yourself as an expert in every matter that is discussed on this forum because you are not.

Most of the time when I comment on this thread, I'm reporting and not looking for INPUT from someone who doesn't know what I know, but thanks anyway for your unsolicited response.

Or, looking for input from someone who knows what I know, but wants to pretend that he doesn't.

I shall file your comment under "G."

BTW, what makes you think that my home is a more quiet environment than any other place I visit?

Just curious.

Who comprises the "WE" to whom you constantly refer?

Is there more than one entity inside of you?

FYI, the "weapons" of which "WE" speak are not some noise beam whose physics we cannot account for.

"WE" can account for them.

Since the end of the Second World War the United States Department of Defense has been heavily involved in research and development of sophisticated mind control technology. After the war Nazi Scientists were given immunity for their crimes in return for their knowledge of mind control and psychological torture.

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