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Default Re: Stop Artificial Eruptions in Southern Japan.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I rarely get much of anything from websites, because I understand that most blogs are ran by kooks grinding an axe. I READ...oh, and theres that little thing called college. Maybe you should look into it sometime?
Websites rarely get much of anything from you.

Is there some reason why you think that because you say you have a college degree and imply that I don't, this makes you better than me?

Like I said before, you have very low self-esteem and try to build yourself up by degrading others, women, in particular.

You don't possess the INTELLIGENCE and KNOWLEDGE that I do, but I don't have low self-esteem so, therefore, it isn't necessary for me to belittle others about that which I know and they don't in order to make myself feel as if I'm better than they are.

Sorry, but, in the words of Shaina Twain, you don't impress me much irrregardless of how many physic's books you've read or whatever college degree(s) you hold.

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