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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
not to stick it in your face.

edit to add: Slavery is just an allusion as well as freedom.
So what your saying is, no matter how you live your life. Your neither free nor a slave its just how you percieve your sutuation.

So no ammount of argument on either side will make any difference. I percieve myself as a slave. whilst others are convinced they're free. On the one hand i see money as a device of false freedom. While the other camp uses it to justify that they are free.

Meanwhile they who created money in the first place "The Government" only have to convince the majority in order to implicate the device creating a cascade down through society. Alienating one group and empowering the other.

This only reinforces my belief that im a slave.

Very interesting, thanks for your reply.

Merry Christmas.
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