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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

How do you know that hollywoods depiction isn't based on real occurances, i mean movies and books are bassed on peoples imagination, experiences and sometimes both.
If you havn't done your research than you can't say for a sure fact that this person is lying.
Thats like someone tells you a story relating to there life and you say.... that only happeneds in the movies...... cleshay no?
Maby your right this person hasn't seemed to vouge for themself???
I'd like to know what movies your refering to because i havn't seen any in this common? context of satanic and ritual abuse and i'd like to know?

So learning of abuse pain and trauma is boring to you
Jezzz i'd hate to know what interestes you.
I don't understand why everyone lookes at learning of these things as a job to me its part of awareness and to say other peoples painful experiences bore you is insulting and disrespectful, to say that it's too disterbing than thats another story.
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