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Default Re: The Evil Tidal Wave of Onanism (Self-Abuse)

I do understand why you turned to christianity
People who come to realise, as you had from what i gather, that the education that they recieved throughout there life in terms of morals and ethics may reflect upon there parents sadistic nature and is therefore wrong.
the most excessible form of redeement is advertised as being religion... in particul and especially for americans christianity. I mean it's not like you can adopt new parents, travel back in time or access some form of alternete universe or reality and relearn what you were unfortunatelly deprived and neglected in.To escape your guilt you turn to this as they offer you forgiveness and community so that you can feel normal.
What you learn in christianity seems far more ethical in comparitive to your previouse understanding of rite and wrong.
Just because it's a better option dosn't make it the best.
Alot of satanists and abusers use the bible and religion as a basis to justify there practices.
Though if you can't find it in your self to be good absent of guidence than i suppose religion is your only option.
Keep in mind there are many ways to interprite the bible.
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