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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
You will have to excuse my inability to do it.

You see, in a perfect world that IS what would happend. Unfortunately, I was only 13 years old when it happened and extremely frightened. I mean, look I was a KID, ok..Have you ever seen someone murdered and LIVED with the murders?
Imagine they are you're parents, and both are devoted Satanists (not of the Church of Satan type, allthough they did appreciate the Satanic Bible). Imagine further that you are 13 years old..Have you ever heard of SELF PRESERVATION? What if it was YOU, and it was implied indirectly YOU would be killed? Have you ever been in a kill or be killed situation, where you have to choose between their lives OR YOURS?
I suggest you shut the heck up unless you have. Sure, I could have ran to the police, but what if my parents had found out or if the coven had found out? Do you imagine, for a SPLIT SECOND they wouldn't have killed me? Let me erase any doubt: one more murder, to silence someone wouldn't have bothered ONE SECOND.
I live with that EVERY DAY. I dream of the blood and the taste of the blood since I was made to drink it. Every night is the same dream; the sight of the knife coming down into his chest and slitting his throat, with the chalice being held out to get it.

But I suppose if YOU had been 13 and seen that, being a choir boy you would have ran to the police..oh,yeah and then they would have KILLED YOU! Get it-YOU TELL, YOU DIE! Is that clear enough for you?! I only can talk about it now because I ran away from my parents, changed my name AND HAVE STAYED THE HECK AWAY FROM THEM! Don't think for a minute they wouldn't kill me NOW if they thought what I said could harm them or if they knew where I lived!

Of course, I am sure you are an expert in such moral dilemnas. But let me give you my two cents: Human beings, down deep, want all the same thing: to survive. When we are young and in a terrible situation, nine out of ten times we will choose someone else to die then us. Maybe you are different, but if you are, then you are in the minority.
O.K now you've just proven to me that the whole thing is rubbish. For a start i was'nt talking about going to the police at the time. Whats to stop you going to the police now. Where have your good christian morales gone now then eh, and by repeatedly mentioning the fact that you were thirteen are you trying to convince me or your self.

If your adamant its true then i'll call the police on your behalf and tell them someone called Public enemy number one and give the name of this site, witnessed a murder when he was thirteen. Hes a bit to scared to call but i think someone should try to get justice for the man who was killed. It would take them about half an hour to get hold of your details and contact you.

How would you feel about that?

If you were as scared as you say you were you would'nt be on a social site like this blabbing about secrets that could "get you killed". Unless your seriousely dumb. Some people may be stupid enough to believe you but i aint one them. Time to find a new fantasy. Is your life really that empty?
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