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Default Re: Illuminati defector reveals the Satanic Conspiracy!!!!

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
Really? Huh..well, when you breathe your last breath, I suppose you can tell Satan he doesn't exist and the Hell you are in doesn't exist and the flames don't exist.
You will have eternity to convince yourself of that. Enjoy!
My conversations with you seem to get stupider and stupider. As ive said in another post to another one of your crazy claims that the devil exists and he's everywhere. When i die i'll be void of my body. Its my body that feels pain. So hypertheticaly speaking what is it that the devil is going to do. Energy cant be created or destroyed. Thats scientific fact. So he cant destoy me and i cant feel pain hmmm. Think his options would be limited dont you.

Get out of this religeous haze and experience the real world. Or is that whats got you so afraid, the harsh reality of your meaningless existence. Got to hide behind God and live by the book. Cant handle your own destiny and eventual fate.
Algerbra - All the knowlege we have is created by us. Can we be trusted?

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