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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
O.K your telling me that the police wont take you seriousley because you use a consiracy website. Yet you expect me to do just that. You've just hung your self there.

And i dont think refering to people who use these sites as the "tin hat brigade" is doing your self any favours. So far your the only looney ive talked to.

Lastly how am i in any way responsible for any of your debts. If you did get locked up because the police thought you were crazy. Good luck finding a lawyer who's gonna take that on. A church appointed one maybe. Its the crapest attempt at a come back ive ever heard. So if you want to set the wheels in motion feel free.

why the paranoia about getting locked away, if your telling the truth you've got nothing to worry about. A polograph test would sort that out straight away. I dont think this is the first time you've been caught in fantasy land. Maybe you've been locked up before. It took a long time to answer my posts. Did you have to sneak out first to use a computer. Or are you not bieng monitered at the moment. Something about you just is'nt genuine, maybe its the fact that you just spew shit in all your posts. Raised by satanists eh? yeah right.
You know what..their is no reason to continue this discussion.

Believe it or not..I simply don't care.

I'm not going to waste my energy on you, when I can be doing good for others and for God. See ya.
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