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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

O.K thanks for going to the effort of posting this video.

It was pointless however. I dont know who this guy is. For all i know he could be employed by the church to try to convert athiests in to believers.

Its interesting how he describes not wanting to die because he was an athiest and had'nt lived what in his eyes was a good life. I think he's confusing this with his most human basic survival instict. I would'nt want to die. Not because i havent lived a good life but because at a basic level survival at any cost is instinctive. Its the same instinct that allows a rabbit to chew through its own leg to ecape a snare. If he did see everything that he saw. It could be a hallucination brought on by the ammount of pain he was in. A semi conciouse dream if you like. Or nightmare by the sound of it.

Its easy to put things like this down to a religeouse experience. Just the same way as people who take L.S.D claiming that jesus came and talked to them. Why have you got to be off your face on drugs or barely hanging on to life before jesus suddenly takes some notice of you. Nothing i have'nt seen before here.

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