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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
I could point out "religouse familys" that would do exactly the same. Whats your point here? Your actualy proving my point. The family you depict here is in your eyes void of religouse guidance or "Control" as i like to see it. Thus proving that religeon is a no more than an instrument of "control". You dont feel that you could live your life without being told how to act and think. Hence the reason why you see athiests as evil. Your religeon tells you this is so and so you accept it. Why? Why cant you make your own mind up about people? Why do you need to be told how to think?
Look up the phrase "World View". Once you understand it, then you will understand the unbridgeable chasm between you and I.

You're worldview is a dispirited, mechanistic, materialistic, reductionist one that reduces humans to evolved beasts, life to a pointless excercise in futility and morality into a subjective experience where their is no objective standard.
In effect, it is an ethical anarchy, punctuated by a situational-ethic moral system.

My worldview posits the existensce of a Supreme Being who demands His creations, us, act within a moral framework defined by the Ten Commandments.
Human beings are indeed animals, but ensouled ones with worth and value. In fact, they have an eternal aspect to their being. Being intelligent ( a gift from God), they are held responsible for their actions by a Diety that demands they rise above lower animal instincts.
This moral framework does not change. murder is murder is murder. Adultery is adultery.
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