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Default Re: The veil is lifting + Hello all

Actually Little Johnny,

You're a rat trapped in the Left/Right maze and I'll leave you to educate yourself on that.

You're not only a little weired but an outright liar. The first I have come accross on this forum, indeed any forum.

You stated PLAINLY that you could take Icke 2 ways with the lizard theory on your site. You were EMPHATIC and quite plain in your belief that YOU believed in his Lizard theory. You have since HEAVILY qualified your web page. As I work is done. I hope the lesson was'nt too painful for you.

Who are these lizards anyway?

This site is dedicated to opening the eyes of the people to a terrible truth-- That this entire planet, and everyone on it, is ruled by lizards.

What?! I hear you say. Lizards? Yes, lizards.

Do I literally mean lizards? Green scaly no-good reptilians?

Not at all... well, possibly.

Any reference to lizards or reptiles on this site can be interpreted two equally valid ways.

a) A corrupt man or woman that operates within a position of elevated power and knowledge within a hierarchy, who compulsively lies to those lower in that hierarchy in order to progress their agenda for world domination.

b) A reptilian being in the guise of a human, that operates within a position of elevated power and knowledge within a hierarchy, who compulsively lies to those lower in that hierarchy in order to progress their agenda for world domination.

Again, you have HEAVILY altered the original wording of your website. You dont like to be pulled up do you? I bet you're the top doggy in your little circle, was real proud of your home page? I hurt your feelings? Like your Daddy did when he dissed your model areoplane building skill as a child?

I also note on your site that you have focussed on my anger somehow originating soley on myself believing in the life and techings of Christ...hence my hatred of Icke? Not because Icke poisens the well of SERIOUS discussion of the machinations of the NWO with his Shape Shifting Lizard theories...i have no need to pull apart Ickes speaks for itself in 3 words...and yet you claim I am the root of all evil because I refuse to take up your belief system? That my "rigid" belief system is the problem because I call Ickes Lizard shit what it is...S-H-I-T. I know shit, i know how it smells and what it looks like...that is not a rigid belief system. Thats called common sense. An ability to sort wheat from chaff and know a paid disinformationist when i see one.

"Besides that it's a bit fucked up to just rubbish someone's beliefs (or what you THINK is someone's beliefs through jumping to conclusions) Would you say the same thing to a Christian? "What you believe is a big load of shit, pal" - Sure debate why you BELIEVE Christianity is wrong"

I'm free to rubbish ANYONES beliefs. I can rubbish until the cows come home. I dont believe in tolerence. I believe in calling shit - shit and a tosser - tosser. A belief system becomes dangerous when it calls for the destruction of another person or people for their world view.

You may continue living Johnny. It hurts though does'nt it? Having your infantile belief systems challenged? Especially when you thought you were the coolest boy on the block?

Their are things called ultimate values. Passed down from a supernatural God. You may have heard of some of them?

You however believe in the U.N dont you? You believe in Secular Humanism and tolerating ANYTHING because you are a lovely nice Liberal/Left wing answer to the equally pathetic, gullible Right.

You believe in complete disarmament and therfore by definition, must also believe in a centralised world government to ENFORCE that disarmamnet, if nescassary through military means.

You want One World Government and a One World Religion that will be tolerent of anyone no matter how their behaviour and beliefs conflict with the ultimate values handed down to us in the past...the past? In your view..."fuck the past"! "I'm hip and new and tolerent and not like those whacky Christians who believe in their old shit. I believe in my far more cool 'Spiritualism'". Which has NO moral code other than vauge notions of being nice and can change on the whim of the wind or by the proclamation of a paid Guru of the NWO.

You say I believe in the literality of the Old Testament? Absoloutly see, that is your rather "jumping to conclusions" and "intolerent", "simplistic" view of me...that beams getting rather large. You have mistaken me for a "W" supporter from Tennessee.

I am in fact a freedom lover. I beleive that the ultimate unfolding of the human personality and the creative act in all it's forms is the meaning of life and the ultimate worship of God.

The New Testament fits my world view most accurately. The teachings of Christ are instructive at the least and profound at their best. By any measure of an ancient text the N.T passes with flying colours. Also, Christ being crucified when he could have backed down...what a man! Thats guts in the face of centralised power. Standing up for truth.

In your world, perhaps Christ should of been more tolerent of the Pharissees belief system? Backed down and admitted he was'nt the Son Of Man? Hmmm?

You see my friend...i'm a 6ft 110kg former night club bouncer, drug dealer, shotfirer, mine worker and finally Registered Nurse. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I count many humans of the homosexual persusion as my friends and in fact I gaurantee i mix in FAR wider circles than you...for all your tolernce talk. I've looked in all the holes looking for ultimate values to hold me up in troubled times - the Eastern philosophies, new age guru's etc...and ended up back where I started.

Works for me. Does'nt work for you? Thats O.K. But there is a problem. The Left of which you are a part wishes to rid the planet of Christianity and Islam which it considers an anachrinism holding back the human race from it's full potential.

Sanctitity of life and the rights of individual human beings does not fit with the NWO agenda. Allegience to a supernatural God and a set of ultimate values is competition for the authority of the State.

You are in fact the enemy of my current way of life. In fact you are an enemy of life itself though you have not the faintest notion. You are, as the leaders of the Communist revoloution stated..."a useful idiot".

George Bush is a member of the East Coast Blue Blood establishment as stated by the highly respected historian Carol Quigly.

He takes his orders from the banking and financial Elite in England and Europe.

His role is to energise the Left and show once and for all that a World Government is the only thing that can save us from these ugly, Christian Fundamentalist, Imperialistic Fascists.

The Police State systems that only the Right could have gotton away with will not be dismantled. Your Left guru's like Soros and Rothschild will tell you the aparatus is nescassary to counter any reactionary activity of the Right.

You will be DNA scanned, thumb scanned and logged into the "cool" new age human tracking system...nescessary of course to keep track of numbers and cull the human population in case cute baby fur seal numbers are threatened.

Private car ownership will be outlawed due to the fabricated "Peak Oil" and exaggerated "Global Warming" scare. You will be GPS tracked and traced through your special "Citizen Card" with bio metric scanning in case of fraud on public transport.

You will be lead by your stupid Left Wing Nose straight into dictatorship and the Beast System of the government of man.

Get out of your rat maze left/right control grid and see that you are being played like a well tuned violin.

If you cannot tolerate the "washed up values" of the Christian or even Muslim faith then at least adhere to the principals of Libertarian thought.

I know you read this Johnny. You could'nt help yourself could you? You must have the last say? Go on...lets debate, insults and all. Thats what a tolerent Christian like myself believes in.

Dont run away like the usual gutless Lefty. Have a go ya mug.

BTW..."when it comes to the public good, politeness is for fools"...John Raulston Saul - "The Doubters Companion - A Dictionary Of Aggressive Common Sense".

Being polite is in many ways a form of control. Most favoured by the Left. The originators of the Hate Crime joke on us all. more, one more thing. Posting your PM. Dont send me PM's. Post on the forum. I mainly posted it because to be quite honest...i think you're a little whacky and not simply the victim of an ideology.
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