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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
We are evolved beasts unless your a creationist basing your theory on nothing but blind faith. Ive got proof that im correct. You prove to me that God exists and i'll begin setting my moral compass against that which is written in the ten commandments. How long did it take you to fish this crap out of the bible.
All life on this Earth is Ensouled and intelligent in there different degrees yet were the only animals that are arogant enough put our intellect and in fact our entire existance down to a supreme creator. Oh were so special only a god could have created us, arent we so great. We are no different from any animal when it comes down to it. We were created in nature and are still very much part of it now. No matter how clever we are. Maybe if more people seen it that way then we would'nt be raping the planet right now. this the doctrine of your religion? Am I to take what YOU say on blind faith? The majority of human beings STILL, on this planet, believe in a Higher Power, Supreme Being or Diety. So there all wrong, huh? Have you died and return from the grave?
Do you know everything? If you know everything, then YOU must be God. If this is so, then Atheism is nonsense, since there is at LEAST one God-YOU!

You know, you MIGHT want to spell check and use proper punctuation if you're going to adopt an all knowing, all wise position. I am afraid it is hard for me to take you serious when you can't even make the effort to do that.

BTW, do you have a P.H.D ? What was your doctorate dissertation on? I am curious.
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