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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Spare us the empty platitudes. I love that you are so full of yourself that you think that you know "what I know". Chemo is not a cure, you are right. It is a treatment with a high rate of efficacy in a wide range of cancers, as is radiation. What is this magic cure of yours?

Really? I am THE ONLY ONE??? Overstate much? Face it, crackpots like you are in the overwhelming minority, but if it makes you feel better to think that your opinion holds such worth, then I guess it is the best therapy for your warped mind. Chemo and MRIs do in fact help people. It was an MRI machine that enabled the doctors to diagnose the tumor on my optic nerve that was harming my sight. It was the radiation and chemo that removed the tumor, and brought back the vision in my left eye. Wow, none of that helped, mmmmm?

Again, platitudes and overstatements. lol Cant expect much else from a Kevin Trudeau clone.
There is no evidence that chemo or radiation helps anyone. There is NO WAY to prove chemo or radiations effectiveness. NONE. Do you want to take a stab at it? Tell us how YOU know a person is better off using chemo and radiation verses not using it.

I'll tell you the truth of the matter, those who survive chemo or radiation where in no life threatening state in the first place. People who survive Chemo and Radiation would have survived had they done something just as ineffective as chemo and radiation like say urine therapy.

Now, I did not create this thread to discuss medicine I created it to discuss cures that are buried by medicine. Your tumor could be cured but not in medicine. Not alternative or western. As for Kevin Trudeau, he paved the way for you. He destroyed all that was good in regards to alternative medicine. Kevin T paved the way for Western Medicine to take over Alternative Medicine. Now Alternative Medicine is just another branch of Western Medicine. Matter of fact, I'll be your doctor dabbles in Alternative Medicine. You see, the line between the two has been removed. Now Western Doctors use alternative gimmicks and Alternative Doctors can now prescribe drugs all thanks to YOU and Kevin T.

Keven T was the worst thing that ever happened to CURES.

Insult me some more, you still cannot dispute my claims. And yes, as far as you and I know, I am the only one exposing medicine. You see that is another benefit of your Kevin T, he set it up so people can blame on medicine or the other much the same a political parties. I am the only one blaming both medicine the same as I blame both political parties. Your Western Medicine owns Keven T.

It doesn't matter what ailment you feel you have been helped with, IT CAN BE CURED OUTSIDE OF MEDICINE. There are no incurable diseases only incurable people.

You are wasting your time trying to compare me with others especially with the like of your Kevin T.

I hope that helps you understand more about medicine. I don't think I will hold my breath.

Cures are not medicine, a MRI machine has nothing to do with cures.
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