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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
No you dont have to take what i say on blind faith. Although you should have no problem there if you believe in God. "You wont find out untill you die" Does'nt that seem even the littlest bit strange to you. Why cant this all seeing, all knowing supreme bieng let his followers know that they are,nt wasting there time huh? Could it be because he does'nt exist.
As for stooping to personal attacks, this would'nt be because you know im right and you cant accept it would it. You've got no ligitamate arguments any more. There, There! your not the first one who's been conned and you wont be the last.

Charles Darwin done all the work for me as far as proving evolution but then you probably think he's evil or something. Right?

Dont you mean the majority of Americans still believe in a higher power. Here in the U.K were pretty much over the whole religeon thing. Just give it a little time to register and America will follow suit.

Your argument about "My religeon" falls flat on its face too, because i dont have one, Im not trying to exert influence or control over any other human by promising them something that does'nt exist. I make my own mind up about everything and i keep it to myself untill people like you start calling me a heathen or humanist. Thinking your all high and mighty. Your not as intelligent as you think you are. You've fallen for the biggest trick in the book. Religeon!

I'll look forward to your next attempt at proving im wrong. By doing so your only proving to your self that its all bull shit. But i bet your to dumb to even listen to your own good sense. Its sad really.
BTW, do you have a P.H.D ? What was your doctorate dissertation on? I am curious.
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