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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
You know, you MIGHT want to spell check and use proper punctuation if you're going to adopt an all knowing, all wise position. I am afraid it is hard for me to take you serious when you can't even make the effort to do that.
I find it hard to take you seriouse at all. Even with proper punctuation. So far you,ve been raised by satanists, witnessed murders. Think all cartoons are evil and masterbation is only for devil worshipers.

Whats the matter. Nothing more to say? Oh what a shame i was enjoying this. As for adopting an all knowing, all wise position. Thanks im pleased you see my posts that way. I'll take that as a compliment. Heres the cold water, so hold your nose. Its called common sense. Get some and you would'nt even be having this conversation. Is it a pre requisit that "God squad" members need to be void of this, or is it just you? Dont even bother replying if your just gonna repeat what you already said. I'll take your lack of response as a victory on my part. Why dont you pray? maybe God will back you up. No! wait he wont will he, what a shame.
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