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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

O.K im gonna keep this short because your just repeating your self now.

I have no problem with you believing in God or bieng part of any religeon. However you need to understand that just because you do. It does'nt give you liscence to go around preaching that we as non believers are all evil. Thats when you come in to conflict with people like me. By calling me evil you've now opened your self up to attack. The last thing you want because i will do exactly as i have been. Make you realize that your religeon is no more than in instrument used to keep you under control. As long as your under control someone else is in power. Making you no more than a willing participant to your own slavery. You've been brain washed. Why cant you see it? Im not saying it to piss you off. Its true.

So if you dont want this kind of attention then leave those who dont want to believe out of your little rants. Faith in someone who does'nt exist is'nt exactly a strong possition to start a one man crusade.
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