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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

Originally Posted by jane doe View Post
Then you are happy with the perception Control and Government portrays for your programming. When an individual gives into to another form of thought, they give away their energy. The redundant energy of "performing" for an entity is in itself behavior modification. Since it is evident Obama has no intentions of stopping war, starvation, greed, he is not a leader of free thought.
Ah, how did you perceive that my comment implied I was happy with the perception CONTROL and government portrays for your programming?

Ah, wherein did I say that Obama was a leader of free thought?

This is what I said:

Jane Doe said:

"Obama has fallen into the abyss quite rapidly."

Why would you say this?

Obama hasn't fallen into anything.

He has risen to power just as he was expected to do.

He holds the highest elected position in the world and is performing for the CONTROLLERS as they desire.

I don't see that this equates to OBAMA plummeting to a bottomless pit.


You must be replying to another member's comment, because your response does not in any way, shape or form address what I posted (as above).
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