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Default Re: Introduction & The Vast Satanic Conspiracy

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
I will invoke my First Amendment rights here.

There is a way to silence me. You can kill me. Shoot me, slit my throat or just run me down with a car.
I will speak my beliefs iregardless if it makes you comfortable or not. You, sir, are not my Master nor I your slave. I will not bow at your feet, not will you silence me.
As I said, since it seems were in the minority here, you can always kill us or put us in concentration camps. Communist Russia did that, as well as persecuting the church. They did everything to crush us, in the name of Communism and Atheism. You and no power on Earth can crush the human spirit.
No matter how you smash your bootheel down on our necks, we won't die. Kill me today, and from me a hundred more will carry the Message. The human spirit is invincible; our Message is invincible as well. As long as the Message continues, our deaths mean nothing.
In the past we were called the Atheists and those who felt as you did tried to crush us. Just as they, you will fail as well.

The verdict of History and the Hand of God has decreed this.
Allow me to invoke my rights. I will never accept anything that comes out of your tiny little imagination, and will defend my choice to not believe in God. Ive got a million and one arguments for why he does'nt exist. So far you cant give me one in his favour. So carry on with your endless benine ranting. I will always be right behind you to point out just how stupid you sound. So it looks as if it will be a case of who gives up first. I can guarentee you right now it wont be me.
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