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Default Re: Have these forums been infultrated?

Originally Posted by Public Enemy Number One View Post
Wow...We seem a MITE touchy. And thats "Thanks, I'm pleased you see my posts that way". See, you left off the punctuation mark. Huh, strange for an all knowing God to make such a mistake. Also, that other sentence is "Here's the cold water, so hold your nose." See, "Here's" is a conjunction of "here is". Proper punctuation tells people that's what you mean. Another flub in the sentence "Get some and you would'nt even be having this conversation." See, "wouldn't" is a conjunction of the word "would not". Again, proper punctuation would let the reader know they're speaking to someone fluent in the English language.
What we see is someone who needs more humility and less pride. Perhaps you should go out one night in the country and contemplate the starry sky and this beautiful, immense universe and then consider how small and insignificant you really are in it. Ponder how millions have come before you, looked at the same sky and answered the question of: "What does life mean?" with a one word answer: God.
See, my Atheist friend, you are not God and never will be. You are a puny, little man who has far too much pride and far too little humility to realize that in the grand scheme of things you are nobody and nothing. Darwin agrees with this, that there is no purpose for you to being here, but to continue the same aimless wandering souless biological robots like you have done from aeons since you squirmed up from the sea floor. You have, ultimately, no purpose, point or reason to exist but to satiate every whim and desire your pride and self centeredness leads you to.
Sadly, you're life will end the same way. A mistake the Universe will correct with your demise, upon which everyone will forget you ever existed as you rot and the worms eat you. No one will care about anything you ever did or who you were. It will be as if you never had existed.
Wow. I can see your religion gives it's followers a lot of hope.
Im sorry but your obviouse lack of any argument means you know im right. Thanks for the english lesson by the way. I think you need to go in to the country and look up at the stars and ponder this. How could all this have been created by some supreme bieng. It is i that accepts my insignificance, where as you cant. Thats why you hold on to the hope that when you close your eyes that one last time. You will be transfered to a magical paradise.

Im happy in the knowlege that my life is worthless. You live and then you die. Thats it. No harp music. No angles and no God welcoming me in to the gates of heaven.
If any ones got dellusions of grandier its you. You've borrowed your energy to live and when you die you give it back again. I can accept this. You would aswell if you were'nt living in a fantasy world. You know what, saying as theres currently no such person. I think i will declare myself as God. I am the supreme bieng that created everything. Now when you say a little prayer you will do so to me. You will do exactly as i say or i wont let you in to heaven o.k.
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