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Default You Must Check This Out - "The End Of Faith". NWO Agends LAid Out. I Love Them Coz They're Honest. =185448-1

Heres the blurb...

Sam Harris talked about his book The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, published by, W.W. Norton and Company. Mr. Harris argued that religion played a major role in an increasingly dangerous world. He criticized the influence of religion in both the United States and across the Muslim world, saying that for peace to exist, reason must replace faith as the driving force in society. Mr. Harris took questions from members of the audience following his remarks. Audio levels varied at the beginning of the question and answer period.

Oh I love it when they're honest.

Thats the point with NWO people...they really believe it. They are VERY honest about what they want.

This is Bush's help trash religion.

It is SO clear. So transparent.

I am buying a heap of their stuff and will post.

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