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To be individual is to free yourself from associative thought, n'est-ce pas? This is what I think, this is what I feel, this is how I act and this is who I am. I am free to be me! What an amazing feeling. Yipppeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being sensitive, as people, especially children are - they are very open to suggestion. People poo-poo the occult. They should be aware and have a healthy aversion to such things. Fear should not come into play. It's their fear that they want you to feel... I can sense it and that doesn't mean I have to accept it as a feeling of my own. No thank you. Don't like that one no matter how you sugar coat sabrina, the teenage witch.

The Psychic attack I went under in England was really really bad. I'm still here and I'm still lovin' life and my kids and my friends and God.

The secret to my success and happiness and individuality is I know my thoughts and feelings, I can sense others, and I can distinguish the difference. How is that for a gift from God? Thank you. I believe all humans are built this way.

The occult will try and tempt the follower with these powers... they are real. I have seen dude make chick pick up a knife and slit her wrists, with his mind. It's fucked up, that's for sure. And it all depends if the innocent places his faith in those powers... whether his mind is susceptible.

People have to seriously clue up and start identifying with themselves. Take a good long look in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I believe? What do I know? Who am I? Do I like this person? How do I act? Ask friends and family how they truly percieve you.

Question, am I this person, all the time? Do I like my friends? Yada, yada, yada and what am I going to do if the answer is no?

My life is my responsibility. It is no one's responsibility, but my own. I act of my own accord, I don't march to another's tune unless I like that tune and it is in tune with my music. Make sense?

If you live in fear, they have an open door to your mind. I live in peace. They can't break that wall down, in my mind. This is what I teach my kids. Question yourself and know your own mind. Be happy to be the person you want to be and act accordingly. We live in a world called hope. It's a great place to be.

I did better than survive, I found my happiness and my hope. God is with me and my kids. I have been blessed and I'm grateful. I'll say thank you till eternity.

Peace XXX
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