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Default Re: You Must Check This Out - "The End Of Faith". NWO Agends LAid Out. I Love Them Coz They're Hones

"Mr. Harris argued that religion played a major role in an increasingly dangerous world. He criticized the influence of religion in both the United States and across the Muslim world, saying that for peace to exist, reason must replace faith as the driving force in society".

Oooo I love it when it just SPEWS out of their mouths.

Like the Marine Colonel in "A Few Good Men" played by Jack Nicolson they are just itching to let us know..."You cant handle the truth"!

Say goodbye to your God and your Ultimate values Jesus Freak...Goodbye to your Prophet Muslims!

They are itching to give us the finger and come RIGHT OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Well come on out my little homosexual/bisexual, drug dealing, child raping, megolamanic, occult loving freaks and lets have a chat. Man to...well, man to Owl worshipping freak anyway.
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