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Default Re: You Must Check This Out - "The End Of Faith". NWO Agends LAid Out. I Love Them Coz They're Hones


I agree that Satan is about to consolidate his followers into one liberal world with no values atall (but God will intervene very soon to stop that).

But i think you are missing a very important thing truebeliever, is the world in its current state any better than the supposed NWO to come?

The people (as God created them) were one united nation, what do you think has happened that divided them like that?

It is Satan's subversion of the one religion, the one religion said there is one god, so Satan used the people's love of the messengers (and prophets) to make them idolize them and thus distracted them from that one god.

The one religion said follow God's scriptures whenever they come, yet every group rejoiced in what it recieved and rejected all the new confirming knowledge, the Jewish refused the Gospel of Jesus and the Chrisiatians refused the Quran and the Muslims too did the same!

What i want to say is that taking a stand against a liberal NWO shouldn't blind us from seeing the problems with the current system.

Satan's agenda is "the extremes" of right and left, liberal and conservative, so now the world is divided into secular liberal beings following their lusts without any limits and on the other hand the "consertvatives" are also following their lusts but within a dogma to justify it!

God's religion offers the human being a new way to true happiness, it is the happiness we enjoy when we break free from the shackles of slavery to our sinful lusts, it is a narrow midlle road that all the righteous human beings have travelled along the history of mankind.

The liberals are slaves to their desires, they follow every new transgression and seek to justify it, having no values they support abortion, free sex and even homosexuality. The conservatives are also slaves! but this time they are slaves to the dogma, a man-made laws intended to enslave them and the end-master in both extremes is Satan himself.

Please think carefully truebeliever, you say alot of good things but it seems that you haven't reached a conclusion, whether to follow a religion or stay free of religion!

One day soon, the true religion will return and everybody will know that there is only one god, and that Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and the saints are no more than human beings who shouldn't be idolized, revered or worshipped instead of God.

I invite you and everyone to think and rethink about this most important question, for anybody can be truly free from within.

Misery is just that, the inability to control ourselves, the internal slavery to our desires,the extrenal slavery to human-idols (whether Jesus, teh Pope, your priest or even your boss) once we master and control our sinful lusts, once we realize that we don't have to follow the scenarios of Satan (masters &Slaves), once we break free of revering mere mortals and once we submit to the one god alone and follow His absolute values, we will finally know true happiness.
God\'s alternative, USN

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