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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Eire said:

So....can you give me one, just one, cure for a disease that is 100% effective, that medicine ignores, and that is verifiable?


Who said that there are cures for diseases that are verifiable and medicine ignores them?

Not me.

Not, truecures.

You are twisting words and attempting to create a straw man argument.

The point being made is that cures for dis-eases are suppressed because it would not be as profitable for hospitals, insurance companies, research companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. otherwise and that the charitable organizations whom the citizens of this country pick their pockets for wouldn't be floating in the dough, either.

Did I say that there are cures for dis-eases that are verifiable?

No, I did not.

I said that cures for dis-eases are suppressed.

You're reading comprehension is lacking.

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