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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
Why don't you give us an example of one the mysterious double or triple blind studies you impotent types like to suggest. It seems like every product sold on televisions has got one but you never see the actual study. They simple rely on you being a mindless consumer, because they know mindless consumer are impressed by "double blind", so impressed you one upped them with "triple blind". ROFLOL

You show me one medical blind study and I will shoot it full of holes without any effort at all.

AGAIN, YOU FIND ME SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY CONDUCTS "TRIPLE" BLIND STUDIES and I will show them 100% effectiveness. Give me the name of the organization and I will contact them with an notarized request and CC a copy of the request to you if you are not afraid to give me your personal info.

Truecures, don't let Eire ruffle your feathers.

He's nothing more than interference who speaks mumbo jumbo.
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