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Default Re: You Must Check This Out - "The End Of Faith". NWO Agends LAid Out. I Love Them Coz They're Hones

I second the motion.

I dont disagree with you Ahmed.

There are many layers to my belief...starting with the granite foundation of a supreme being that i cannot possibly comprehend. You cannot EVER comprehend the Allmighty.

However, i am willing to believe that God incarnated for a short time in the form of Jesus Christ.

I had several experiences in my early 20's that drive my belief.

Whatever people seek to say about the prophet cannot say his words are not driven by something higher. They are to profound for that whatever Muhammed's personal failings may or may not be.

I have 5-10 years of study to do with the three religious texts. I am an utter amature on the matter.

I have respect for the Muslim world due to friends and my sisters direct experiences with them in their own countries. Hospitality and respect...something many fellow Christians need to brush up on.

Perhaps I am being nieve...but I wish that the three monotheistic desert religions realise their common heritage and join forces...agreeing to disagree on some points but drawn together with their belief in a supreme being.

I want the philosophical foundation of the NWO smashed into a thousand pieces and the criminal adherents of it's murderous philosophy made to pay...God willing..Inshallah.
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