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Smile What would you think of a global crime amnesty?

What would you think of a global crime amnesty?

We're all well aware of tax amnesties for the people. How it would look now, if we could introduce amnesties for the crime of our governments/intelligence? For greater transparency, fairness and prosperity to finally introduce the Fair World Order ;-)

The secret service agents of Mossad, CIA, MI6, etc., would therefore volunteer to "Global Amnesty for intelligence/government crime", Amnesty International, Transparency International, the UN or another independent organization, and then admit to their crimes.

These person involved in organized intelligence crimes, who would admit their crimes would instantly get impunity for life and all other involved entities (before divine laws crime amnesty will probably not help too much), any person involved would be obliged to fully resolve their cases, to finally get government support to find their true profession or dream job ...

We would all be much better off, if intelligence crimes were voluntarily disclosed, for one day every people will see anyway behind their dirty "secrets", unfortunetly the people's anger may no longer be controlled.

My suggestion: a global crime Amnesty for ALL crimes retrospectively commited by intelligence agencies, governments, politicians, religion, mafia, companies, individuals, etc.

What would you think of a global crime amnesty?

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