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Thumbs down Re: Slavery still exists?

Incest between adults and prepubescent or adolescent children is considered a form of child sexual abuse that has been shown to be one of the most extreme forms of childhood trauma, a trauma that often does serious and long-term psychological damage, especially in the case of parental incest. It is also the most common form.
Obviously algebra either you have been decensortised your self in terms of sexual abuse or you are a selfish unempathetic ignorant idiot wierdo.
Incest is not ok if you think it's ok. Just as detatching the limb off something inoccent is not ok if you think its ok.
It is obviously wrong and particularily in terms of a father towards his child.
I understand what your trying to say, that if you think something is ok than it's ok as our own moral laws are based on our subconciouse though there are other factors involved:
as is the evironment we grew up in that provide the foundation for what we percieve as being right and wrong, this incorporated with media, parental influence... etc.
Everyone has different perceptions of whats rite and wrong. if we all went around doing what we thought was rite and wrong than a few of the fucked up fucks would end up traumatising the clear minded others.
Obviously your view of rite and wrong is not right as you percieve incest as being acceptable and verbally degrading some woman you know nothing about. Ignorant generalising wanker, spinning cleshay crap at some woman that you don't even know... calling her a bitch.. what coz all women are bitches or only the ones that go up against your authority?
Lets re-wind the clock have you at 6 and (not to be disrespectful if you don't have one, if this is the case than use your imagination) your father who believes he has authority to do as he wishes with you as you are his own rapes you for the rest of your life untill you are old enough to escape his grasp. what this is ok because he thinks its ok than huh?

How about you go get your asshole and throat pumped and skwirted by two giant unwanted dicks than come back and talk to us.
Sounds to me like your one of those losers who need personal experience to understand.
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