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Default Re: Slavery still exists?

unfortunately a human only feels the need to take action in the presence of some tragic event. tragedy and fear is what generaly unites people. we tend to take sides among ourselves even though we are all in the same situation. some of us even claim to be preocupied with the fate of the human race as iīve seen in other posts, but what fate is that? what would be the future from their point of view? there are already more than six bilion from witch the ones that most multiply are the challanged ones. if they were to care so much for the future of the race some sort of selection would be needed . is it not true that we donīt really do anything besides fantasizing about a way out of this nonsense. when confronted with this perspective we donīt really have any answers. slavery (of the mind especially) is is the foundation of our society, and since we are products of the society what is there for us to choose? how can we find our identity by choosing a side in this charade?

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