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Default Re: You Must Check This Out - "The End Of Faith". NWO Agends LAid Out. I Love Them Coz They're Hones

I was involved in a bad accident recently and I walked away without a scratch. The emergency services couldn't believe I wasn't injured and said they have previously seen grown men crying like a babies in accidents like mine yet I felt incredibly calm and detached from the situation. Maybe someone was looking down on me, I mean, I'm alive! I have since reawakened my interest in spiritualism to try and gain some deeper insight and stumbled across this site

I've spent the last couple of days listening to 'dead' people talk about their lives on earth and their transition to the mental realms. Some recordings are clearer than others and most are very critical of organised religions and state clearly that Jesus was a man and not God, an enlightened soul who came to earth to help man. God is the energy source (creator) of the universe and not to be feared but loved, as he loves us.

I would like to hear others opinions on these recordings, I found them fascinating and wish I had some decent audio equipment to tweak the ones I couldn't understand too well, Winston Churchill being one of them. I understand these recordings could be fake but have a listen and tell me what you think :-?
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