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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
Its ok. He wont.
Dang, I missed a notification from the thread and you guys carried on without me.

I LOVE IT! EireEngineer I'll tell you what, I'll take any challenge you throw at me. First of all, find me somewhere to publicly publish the results because I don't care to waste my time only to have no way of publishing the results.

Now, about the double blind study. Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about and more importantly what I am talking about.

You see, it has been made clear that there is no product or medicine in True Cures, scratch that study. Second there is no physical treatment in True Cures, so scratch that study. Now how do I conduct a double blind study on using proper commands that communicate to the body to respond and heal? Obviously the person doing the command must know the skill, so I'm not sure how that could ever be considered a double blind study.

What it looks like to me is double and triple blind studies are used to expose products and gimmicks that are not effective. As I have always maintained there are no products or gimmicks with True Cures which is the reason True Cures is very close to 100% effective.

Alternative Medicine is crushed by double and triple blind studies and rightly so because Alternative Medicine A BRANCH OF WESTERN MEDICINE and is a scam! Nothing about alternative medicine is true outside of the placebo effect that sometimes offers alternative patients some relief.

So, EireEngineer I suggest you find me sufficient people with obvious signs and symptoms medicine has failed to eliminate. I will command them the way they should be commanding themselves if medicine and science was not so corrupt and then we will mark on a spread sheet how they all are relieved of all their signs and symptoms because True Cures is that effective.

If you can come up with a way to do a double blind or triple blind study where an actual factual event takes place, let us know. I'm all over it. As it is, cures come from KNOWING. YOU SEE EE, I KNOW CURES which is why I can provide CURES. IF ANYONE OF YOU DOUBT ME, TRY ME.

I WILL CURE anyone of you reading this JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SHOWING EE has no idea about anything in relation to cures or medicine.

One thing everyone should be aware of is I contradict just about every word of medicine with complete immunity. This is something never done before. The FDA, AMA and media have always destroyed anyone giving out false information. They have no recourse when it comes to factual information. I'm the last person the FDA, AMA and media wish to tackle. They will kill be before they let me have 10 seconds in ANY spotlight.

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