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Default Unless you know someone else.

I'm the only person trying to expose the existence of cures. Everyone else marketing products that that they claim will cure but always prove otherwise. I know, I have used them myself and everyone I work with has used product after product before being cured.

True Cures can not be done under double blind or triple blind studies because unlike medicine someone has to know what they are doing if there is to be a cure.

If you readers cannot direct people to the truth, I ask a little leniency. I ask you people to get involved in proving cures. Heck if I could get just one sack of dribble to to try to prove me wrong, cures will be exposed.

I understand discussion forums. I know they are designed so people can run off their mouths hiding behind handles with absolutely no accountability much the same a our government. It doesn't have to be that way. CC could be the forum that exposes cures and rocks the world but someone is going to have to do something other than just hide behind a handle. I'm not scared.

BlueAngel, I hope you can understand my frustration. If you can't, consider how you would feel if you developed something the public wants, a medical pill that cures anything said to be incurable and you could do nothing with it.

Turn this forum into the forum that exposes cures. Nobody else is going to do it.

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