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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Your post was an advertisement and my deletion of it has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting to suppress alternative cures to modern medicine because you didn't provide any.

You provided a link to your site whereby you advertise a cure to any and all dis-eases for the sum of $5,000.00.


I put your post back for the time being and have provided an excerpt from it.

New Fees for 2010

It has been suggested more than once that I start charging a reasonable fee for what I offer. True Cures is 100% effective at curing any disease. For me to charge a fair price I will insist on seeing the client through till the cure is final. This will take one to two weeks.
The fee will be $5,000.00 if you travel to see me.
The fee will be $5,000.00 plus travel expense and room and board if I travel to see you.
It is not my desire to price cures out of the range of people without expendable cash; it is my desire to build value in cures. I’ve got 15 years experience in curing incurable diseases and there needs to be value in that.
If you are ill and do not have $5,000.00 you have options. True Cures is no longer going to be one sided. If you do not have the money to see me, you have several options.
  1. You can find someone who does and have them bring me to them and I will treat you on the side line for free.
  2. You can find someone in your area who wants to learn True Cures and have them contact me, and I will teach them and use you as an example in training, the fee being $5,000 for the person learning True Cures.
  3. If you want to learn True Cures, the rate is the same. If you do not have the money you can find up to 20 people to invest in your training who can pay the fee.
No matter what option you choose you are going to contribute to and promote cures through True Cures. Those I train will be offering their services at fees much less than mine. This is because they will not have 15 years of experience and the confidence and accuracy that goes with the experience. They will be working with people for less with less of a guarantee. As they get better and as I raise my rates they will raise their rates. Therefore it is important that new people learn to cure incurable diseases so as to make sure those without financial means can still see someone.


You are also advertising hemp products for sale.

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