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Default Re: Unless you know someone else.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Seems you want to prove that cures exist and you say you have the cures to all dis-eases.

So, go ahead.

Expose the cures right here on CC.

We're not stopping you.

Seems you're stopping yourself, so, obviously, you really don't want to expose the true cures unless you get that $5,000.00 pocket fee.
OK, who would like to be cured of any incurable disease in an effort to prove cures exist? It doesn't matter how minor or deadly the disease is, it doesn't cost a thing. Cures have always been free and will always be free if you are willing to do your part in helping civilization become civilized.

Proving cures paves the way for others to learn to cure, not just clients but themselves and their families. Learn to cure for the sake of learning to cure.
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