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Default Re: 10 000 Jews AGAINST the LIE of " Israel "

Peace 55132,

is there any Jewsih group on earth now that follow the whole Bible and not the Talmud?
Actually i am familiar with this group, they are not the answer to my question, thanks anyway.

Some Jewish groups such as the 'Neturei Karta' (appearing in the photo of the original post) eventhough they oppose zionsim, they accept the man-made Talmud as a source of law, they are considered idol-worshipers and their idols are all the Rabbis who developed these laws.

As for the 'Karaites', they are in a better position, they follow only the Torah, they reject the oral laws, however they reject also the new testament, the final testament as well as Jesus and Muhammad.

P.s: Nomad, Have some reverence to God, what is this blasphemy!?
God\'s alternative, USN

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