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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
I don't have cancer, but for those people who do, I'm sure a computer cure would suffice.

So, go for it.
OK, we can try. Hold down Ctrl and Alt with one hand and the keys C, U, R, E with the other hand and see if it cures cancer.

Really what in the wide wide world makes anyone think the CURE everyone is searching for can be passed on over the internet?

Your cure for cancer is based on the same form of communication you use in every single task in your life. You tell yourself to brush your teeth and your mind responds by making you pick up the brush, add the tooth paste and then brush. You learned how to communicate this simple task as a child. You learned to speak with a verbal language but language is just sound. It is what is behind the sound that is the work.

In the same way you perform the most minimal task, you can perform a phenomenal task like cure yourself of cancer. The real beauty of it is, if your parents, teachers or professors did not teach you how to communicate with yourself in a manner to activate your immune response, others can do it for you. That is exactly what happens when you get results from an Alternative Doctor. It is not the products, the gadgets or the adjustment doing the healing, it is the communication. Some doctors are more effective than others because they may have better focus or they may have more pure intent and really truly want to help. Matter of fact the more a doctor genuinely believes in their work the more likely you will get results from them.

Now I would just as soon not command another person to do what they should be commanding themselves to do because it does not pay it forward. I will still help people cure themselves doing all the work but I would prefer to teach people how to communicate their own cures so I am not the only one trying to save people of horrible diseases.

Cures are not medicine or products. Cures are the same as telling yourself to breath, jump, eat or drink. It is not a verbal command at all. If I make a command of any kind in the presence of another person their body detects the command even if the command is not directed at that person. If a person is next to me and they wish to relay the same command to themselves or another they can simple access the command by thinking "I want this or that person to respond to the same command" I used and direct it towards the person they wish to command or themselves if they want.

I am fortunate enough to know how to use accurate AK to confirm effectiveness of a command. For example, if you or someone you know wants to eliminate the swine flu I can coach them through making the command and then confirm if they got it done. If they didn't, we work a little more and check again. Once you make one or two effective commands you have developed the skill. To perfect the art you would be wise to learn how to confirm your work.

Cures are exactly that easy. Naturally the cure is not instant because the body must in act the immune response. Adding a little discipline will allow the immune response to be more efficient.

The communication does not go through the internet of phone lines contrary to what a lot of whack jobs may say. To them, 100% effectiveness is not an issue so it doesn't matter what take place over the phone.

When someone works with someone over the phone it is completely the person seeking help doing all the work, not the quack on the end saying they are curing the person.

In reality you can potentially communicate a cure with just this information I have shared here but it is pretty rare to achieve anything long term without a bit of guidance.

Who wants to learn to communicate with their immune system the same way they communicate with their fingers to type?

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