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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
Now you are being rude. You are not reading what I post. What do you want from me? "I said take a deep breath." Now pay attention and do as I say and you might learn something. Now literally "take a deep breath". If you just took a deep breath you commanded your lungs.

YOU COMMAND YOUR BOWELS otherwise you would sit on the pot all day without relieving your system. Your bowels if that is the hangup you are missing is your intestine through the anus. Your control over these are what prevent you from having to use depends.

So as I said and this is the LAST TIME I REPEAT MYSELF WITH YOU, you can command all your glands and organs.

NOW BAN ME or quite being belligerent. I am not concerned about what is involuntary. Once you effectively command your organs to react they cure you involuntarily, that is something I do not have worry about. This is why True Cures is so effective. I deal with what is voluntary and then the involuntary takes over and in less than two weeks if the person isn't an ass, they are cured. An ass would be someone belligerent and against cures who instead of drinking water to help remove what they kill they drink only coffee and beer in which case it may take longer than two weeks but I don't work with belligerent asses.

You have made it clear to me you are not interested in understanding cures. You are interested in a fight and I have better things to do.
I'm not interested in a fight.

Just debating that which you profess to be a truth such as you can cure anyone of any dis-ease in one to two weeks.

Oh, and BTW, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn if you're interested and a belligerent a*se to go with it.
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