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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
I'm not interesting in your debate. Debates are for narrow minded people who are not interested in changing their own point of view or understanding. Debates are used to sway people, not educate people. People debate instead of discuss when they are not willing to change. Debates are used for evil because they are the only means of swaying people from the truth. Debates are only used when both sides are wrong but the people must choose a side. Emotions are used to draw people to one side or the other. Debates have nothing to do with truth. Debates are for liars.

So yes you are here to fight that is what a debate is. You can't help, you were raised shallow. So was I. I just stopped debating and started seeing and now I have no use for your social dribble. Besides your debate holds as much water as a bucket with no bottom.
I'm not here to fight.

I'm not here to only debate.

I'm here to converse, as well.

Debate isn't used for evil.

It is used to question information that people like yourself would prefer we not question, but rather accept as fact.

People debate all the time.

Apparently, you would prefer that everyone roll over like a dead dog and believe everything we hear and read without questioning the information presented and engaging in a debate.

No one who reads this forum or any member of this forum is forced to chose a side regarding any of the subject matters discussed herein.

If you expect that people should just sit back without questioning any information that is presented on CC, which leads to debate, then you shouldn't be here.

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