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Default Re: Reptilians - It was right under your nose the whole time

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post
I'd like to add a little bit of information to this thread..

Reptilians seem to get high off the negative emotions of humans. They seem to be able to acquire a small high off being around someone who is distressed in some way but thats not there main way of harvesting this negative emotional energy. I'll explain.

You see what happens is when people go through any type of emotion it will leave some type of 'emotional residue' in the blood stream. Reptilians strive to harvest the emotional residue of negative human emotions to get high. Many reptilians are very addicted to doing this and the high they get off it is extremely euphoric. The most most efficient way the reptilians can harvest this energy is by consuming the body of a human. Like I said before they can harvest it a little bit just by being around someone who is distressed but the high isn't comparable to actually consuming a body. Now of course we all know reptilians don't go running around eating people out in public but reptilians do consume human flesh on a regular basis to achieve this high.

There main way of doing this secretly and with out much consequence is through advanced cloning techniques. They will let someones emotions go off for a few days and then when the residue is all built up they will go in for the feast. When your asleep they can clone your body and transfer your soul in to a clone of yourself in under a minute. They can clone someones body perfectly with out much effort and in very little time. However they usually have the clone body ready before hand to the make the process easier. They can transfer the soul in seconds from one body to another. No noise is made or anything. After your soul is transferred in to a clone of your body they consume your body with the emotional residue built up in it. When they clone a body not only is the physical features and attributes all cloned perfectly but everything (substances, food, chemicals etc) in the body is cloned with the body as well. Amazing technology. Reptilians actually do this quite often and more often to people with bad lives. They don't get much out of eating the body of someone who hasn't had a bad day.
I think you've wandered onto the wrong forum.

Your reptilian babble would be more suited for David Icke's site.

I've been around these parts for about four years now and I don't recall ever hearing ONE CREDIBLE member assert their belief as to the existence of reptilians.

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