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Default Re: Why was Hitler allowed to fail?

Good question THUMPER.

It's complicated. Henry has written about it.

In many ways I believe it was a simple double cross by the financial interests in the U.K who operated alot through Wall Street.

There's so much to the second world war. It may be another 50 years before a clear picture develops.

I know one thing for sure...Hitler believed he had the FULL support of the U.K Elite. No doubt about that.

He was renowned as an ABSOLOUTE Anglophile...he loved England, it's ways and ironically it's class system...amazing when you compare that with the philosophy of Nazism.

He ABSOLOUTLY loved all of European and U.K Royalty.

Remember...he came VERY close to winning.

The German army was rife with dissent from the very start. There were over 30 documented attempts on Hitlers life. Even his most trusted betrayed him...Goering was warning Denmark and England of the coming attacks for Gods sake.

Admiral Canaris was a virtual agent for the British.

The ENTIRE Prussian Officer Corp (Masons one and all) despised Hitler but were certainly unsure of what would happen if they removed him...they feared Communism more than Hitler.

And then there's "Ultra". It's doubtful Hitler would have lost the war without the British cracking German cyphers. His entire order of battle was known at all times. When local planning was done on the Eastern front the Wermacht wiped the floor with the Soviets who were completely inept...completely. Without the British supply of exact German plans, the Soviets would have had no hope.

I actually have huge doubts about the entire "Enigma" story. I believe it was in large part a cover for the immense treachery going on in the German high command.

"Lucy" was the code name for a supposed informent at the highest levels of the OKW/OKH command...operating through Switzerland and Allen Dulles. They say this was simply a cover for "Ultra Intercepts"...however, how could the British have possibly broken the cyphers so quickly? Sometimes on the same day? Even with the elaborate stories and movies of late...there's no way they could have done it...the German technicians were not complete fools.

Look at the difficulty they had with the German naval codes where the operators stuck to protocol meticulously? I dont buy the story at all.

And then why did Hitler reduce the Western front at the expense of the East? He simply could not believe the Allies would allow the Soviets to advance and was positive peace terms would be issued forthwith as the Soviets raced accross Eastern Europe.

This did not happen much to Hitlers disbelief.

And then theres the PONDEROUS broad front strategy of slow as possible...Patton was fuming the entire time...Patton knew what was going on...and was got rid of it appears after the war while still in Europe.

Good luck on disentangling it all...I look forward to responses offering information.
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