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Default Re: Who is the most powerful secret society??

During my cutting and pasting to split up my posts I forgot to post this under Richards comments:

Pike co-founded the Palladian order in Paris during the 1870's which had the novel feature of including women in both it's degrees and sex rituals. Very probably it was the prototype or 'beta-test' what Ruess' Ordo Templi Orientis became under Crowley.
The Palladian Order never existed as it was a lie created from the Taxil Hoax.

Harry wrote about watching Bill Schnoebelen and I must say I watched one of the videos (which was over 2 hours long) and if I saw Bill I would call him a intolerant, lying, religious zealot. He claims he was everything, from witch to Mormon to 90-degree Mason. Somehow everything that he isn't anymore is evil. His life story is filled with contradictions and his supposed Masonic membership I find suspicious. He seems to fabricate things to make his life seem more interesting and to spread his agenda, whatever it may be. It seems every few years he would add some occult title to his resume.
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