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Default Re: The System of Antichrist and September 11 by Charles Upton

I think the World Order of the Roman Empire and today are vastly different.

The Romans still had a measure of respect for the nature of life and the world.

Today, there is complete arrogance. So much knowledge has come within the reach of man he can destroy himself in an instant...messing with the DNA? High technology?

Today, there are people who believe they are Gods.

I disagree slightly...i believe it's a simple choice between good and evil between freedom and slavery.

One way or the other people are going to have to make a choice...once they see through the veil I'm confident they'll choose freedom.

Perhaps it'll take a few cycles more? Once again tyrranny will rise and once again it will be challenged and then it will start agin until finally..."the laws of the land are written unto their own hearts".
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