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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You haven't proven anything nor have you contradicted all medicine and to say you've especially contradicted Alternative Medicine would be contradictory to your claim that you cure all dis-eases without the use of modern medicine.

That, my friend, would be alternative medicine.

truecures said:

"When BA realized I contradict all medicine especially Alternative it was no longer in BA's best interest to support cures that require no medicine."

I never suggested within this thread that I supported cures that required no medicine.

The following is a quote by True Cure's taken from the testimonial link he has provided.

"When I first started practicing Alternative Medicine I could find many reliable sites on the Internet regarding parasites,"

But, you said that you contradicted alternative medicine.

I think you're confused.

You need to remove the link, or I will do it for you.

You can't heal someone from gout within 24 hours by pulling on their arm.
BA, are you in charge of this site? If you are delete that link, if you are not you better leave it because you and Erie have been asking for proof and that link is proof. Whether you and Erie choose to verify it is up to you. Remove it and then suggest I do not have proof will cause quite a fuss I'm sure.

You don't know what I can heal and 24 hours of not, so again go soak your head. Far as you know gout is something you spread on toast.

As for me using alternative medicine, you twit, why don't you take an hour and read my website and quit taking stuff out of context. I know you struggle with understanding the information on my site but it isn't because the site is perfectly clear it is because you struggle on your own.

The site points out that I started practicing alternative 15 years ago and then it goes on to explain how I abandoned the gimmicks and lies that make up alternative medicine in favor of cures. ROFLMBO It just dawned on me, you read the first page of my site and were all for True Cures, taking on Erie and giving the atta-boys. LOL You just assumed I was a quack idiot like yourself who promotes alternative medicine because you did not thoroughly read my thread or my website.

BA, you really should sit down and rid my site. That way you will know how far you and Erie are putting your feet in your mouths.

THERE IS NOT ONE DISPUTE printed in regards to my site. ANYONE ATTACKING it such as yourself will only come off as a fool or opposed to cures, which one are you.

Now try to delete my proof of cures and see how long it last.
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