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Default One Fascist Nation Under God : Sieg Hiel To The Flag!

And we wonder why nothing ever changes! Folks, THE PROCESS IS RIGGED. All those for the Democratic and Republican Party, say Sieg Hiel to the Flag and Pledge Alleiagnce to One Fascist Nation Under God!

20. Secret Control of the Presidential Debates | Project Censored

Open Debates, September 18, 2008
Title: “Pro-democratic Groups Call on Debate Commission to Make Secret Contract Public”
Author: George Farah
Democracy Now! October 2, 2008
Title: “No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates”
Interviewee: George Farah
Student Researchers: Erin Galbraith, Natalie Dale, and Kerry Headley
Faculty Evaluator: Mickey Huff
Sonoma State University
The Obama and McCain campaigns jointly negotiated a detailed secret contract dictating the terms of the 2008 debates. This included who got to participate, what topics were to be raised, and the structure of the debate formats.
Since 1987, a private corporation created by and for the Republican and Democratic parties called the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has sponsored the US Presidential debates and implemented debate contracts. In order to shield the major party candidates from criticism, CPD has refused to release debate contract information to the public.

A pox on both Parties: Here is your new leader, Republirats and Democruds:

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