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Default Re: Trolls on my thread?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
To be fair, Eire, thank you, as always for your input, but it isn't necessary for any member of this forum to defend my credibility or actions to Sanjay.

There isn't any proof that I'm a troll, BECAUSE I'm not and it's blatantly obvious to MOST folks other than you and True Cures.

If a member of this forum expects that they can create a thread, post information on it and that other members are prohibited from questioning the information provided or be considered a TROLL, they are obviously the MEMBER who desires to squelch freedom of speech.

Enjoy the weekend!
I guess the question is what have you questioned? I have seen very little in the way of questioning from you. Matter of fact I see a complete lack of ability for you to question anything hence your continued persistence to debate.

I think you are a troll. Anyone only interested in debate is a troll. If you wish to remain a troll and only debate, start a debate forum. My intentions were to create a forum where people asked questions, discussed possibilities and listened and considered both sides.

BA, you better get to work editing if you want anyone here to believe you are not a troll on my thread.
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