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Default Re: Science and medicine refuse to acknowledge cures.

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
Your four year old probably knows the difference between a debate and a discussion. Put him or her on, and let them show you what a discussion is.
Poor child, good thing you aren't home schooling.

EireEngineer says.. Debating is discussing.

E, don't you have something better to do. You aren't interested in cures so is your life so lame that you have nothing better to do then try to convince people that debating is discussing.
No, actually I am quite interested in real cures, but since you have dodged the question every time I have asked you for specifics, I can only assume that you have none. All you have are personal attacks and nonsense, and it is quite obvious that you have never even read the website you keep referring to. Otherwise, you would have know why BA and myself were asking about the first "testimonial" on the page, which was the reason that we asked about gout in the first place. So, how about providing those of us who are curious about the particulars of your "cures" with some actual information, instead of flinging ad hominem?
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