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Default Re: True Cures and Double Blind Studies

Originally Posted by True Cures View Post
True Cures - True Cures Double Blind Studies

Double and Triple Blind Studies prove True Cures.

I do not know if there are more than three for four people using this forum but in case the likes of Blue Angel and ErieEngeneer haven't destroyed the whole forum I offer the link above which not only shows who blind studies will ALWAYS prove True Cures, but it also explains more about the Placebo Effect than Science shares.

I will not respond to debates. If you are mature enough to to ask a question because you want to know the answer please feel free.

If there are no others using Club Conspiracy because of the the abuse by the moderators and the members here to debate only I will happily abandon the thread.
I beg your pardon.

Do not accuse me of abuse and/or destroying the forum.

Those would both be lies.

Just as accusing me of being a TROLL is a lie.

Seems you're good at lying.

But, you've already proven that with your proclamation that you can cure any and all dis-eases within two weeks.

FYI, It would be moderator.

Singular and not plural.

If you can't debate that which you post on this forum and claim to be true without resorting to posting lies about ME, the moderator of this forum, I suggest you go elsewhere or be banned.

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